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In high asset divorce cases it is critical that only the most experienced of divorce attorneys handle such matters. This is due to the type of issues that are typically present in these situations. Complex assets such as businesses must be valuated properly, hidden assets require forensic accounting, and even vocational experts are needed to resolve how much support a traditional stay-at-home spouse may need.

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At Jenkinson Legal, we have extensive experience in divorce matters. With so much at stake, you can feel secure in knowing that we are extremely knowledgeable in high asset divorce cases. We are prepared to fiercely negotiate or litigate on your behalf.

Preparation Is Key

We believe in preparing for every case as if it is going to trial. While not every case is trial bound, we are always very thorough in preparing each client’s case. Especially in complex high-asset divorce cases, detailed discovery and preparation are key. This may include forensic accounting to detect hidden assets or properly valuing all types of assets that are subject to distribution. Such assets may include:

  • Businesses
  • Inheritance
  • Retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Investments
  • Offshore accounts
  • Multiple real estate properties
  • Automobiles
  • Fine jewelry
  • Artwork

Many high asset divorce cases involve traditional marriages in which one spouse played a traditional stay-at-home role that minimized workplace participation. In such cases, it is important to enlist a vocational expert to develop an estimate of what is necessary in order to resolve how much support the person may need.

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Choosing the right divorce lawyer is the first step in protecting your rights in family court. Divorces can become complex very quickly, so hiring an experienced, aggressive family law attorney who can handle every aspect of your divorce action is essential. At Jenkinson Legal, we fight aggressively to win favorable terms and settlements for every client. We uncover any hidden assets and make certain that property is fairly divided. We advocate for your children’s best interests regarding custody, visitation, and support. We also represent clients when custody, timesharing, and support orders need modification. A divorce may be your first exposure to the Florida legal system, and the divorce process can seem overwhelming. Contact Attorney AnnMarie Jenkinson of Jenkinson Legal at (321) 837-9547 with your Family Law questions, or to schedule a free initial consultation.

Jenkinson Legal has many satisfied clients throughout seven counties of Central Florida – Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Polk, Volusia, and Brevard. Here at the Florida Family Law office of Jenkinson Legal we have one simple objective: provide personalized, one on one attention to our clients’ legal worries so they can concentrate on life and family. Contact Jenkinson Legal today to learn more about our experience and success at (321) 837-9547. We are conveniently located in beautiful downtown Winter Park, Florida.

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