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A paternity action is a case reserved for unwed parents who are seeking to establish the father’s rights legally, and seeking to establish time-sharing (custody) and child support.  Many father’s in the state of Florida are not aware that if the Mother is denying them time-sharing, they can not legally exercise time-sharing unless they file for a Petition to Establish Paternity, Time-Sharing and Child Support. Until paternity is legally established, the Father does not have any legal rights to the child(ren).  When making a determination on time-sharing, the Judge will also consider the same factors which they consider when determining time-sharing in divorce actions. These factors can be found in Florida Statutes Section 61.13.

A simple DNA test can put an end to a bitter dispute over paternity. A DNA test, however, is not the only part of establishing legal parentage. Paternity is the basis for a father’s rights and responsibilities. When a man is found to be the father of a child, he will be required to pay child support, and he can seek child custody/time-sharing rights.

At Jenkinson Legal, we have been providing high-caliber legal representation to men and women with paternity concerns in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. Whether you are a mother or a potential father, we are prepared to help you.

Protecting Mothers

 We provide compassionate legal support to mothers who need to bring a paternity action. Most often, mothers bring these actions because they need to ensure the father of their child will be obligated to pay child support.

Dedicated to Father’s Rights

Many men seek help establishing legal parental rights because they want the legal right to a relationship with their children. Often, they have been active fathers who suddenly find themselves without recourse when the child’s mother decides to deny them visitation. When a paternal test shows that our client is the father of the child in question, our firm can help him obtain those rights so he can protect his relationship with his child.

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Unless legal paternity is established, you may need to file a lawsuit to establish your paternity; if the mother resists or disputes your paternity action, you must be represented by a family lawyer who fully understands paternity cases and who aggressively advocates on behalf of clients. Attorney AnnMarie Jenkinson also represents men falsely accused of fathering a child and men in divorces involving adultery when the paternity of an unborn child is in question. Contact Attorney AnnMarie Jenkinson of Jenkinson Legal at (321) 837-9547 with your Family Law questions, or to schedule a free initial consultation.

Jenkinson Legal has many satisfied clients throughout seven counties of Central Florida – Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Polk, Volusia, and Brevard. Here at the Florida Family Law office of Jenkinson Legal we have one simple objective: provide personalized, one on one attention to our clients’ legal worries so they can concentrate on life and family. Contact Jenkinson Legal today to learn more about our experience and success at (321) 837-9547. We are conveniently located in beautiful downtown Winter Park, Florida.

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