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Divorce in Florida is referred to as “dissolution of marriage.” Florida is a “no-fault” dissolution of marriage state, which means that you no longer have to show, and prove, a reason for the divorce. You can simply request a divorce from the court by stating that either the marriage is irretrievably broken or your spouse has a mental incapacity. The adoption of no-fault prevents abusive relationships from continuing and provides expedient closure in the Florida divorce process for the rest of the family.

Why is it important to hire a Divorce Attorney?

Though you no longer have to show fault in a divorce case in Florida, there are some additional requirements in order to have your marriage effectively dissolved. For example, every state has a residency requirement when filing for divorce, and Florida is no different. The individual filing the divorce petition must have resided within the state of Florida for at least six months prior to the date of filing. If you have not lived in Florida for six months, you will have to delay your filing if you want to use the Florida courts. The are additional residency guidelines and requirements for divorces when one or both spouses are in the military and anyone who is seeking a military divorce should seek assistance from a knowledgeable divorce lawyer to ensure they comply will all of the relevant laws.

In addition to satisfying a residency requirement, Florida also requires a waiting period between when the divorce is filed and when it is granted. While some states can make certain couples wait as long as two years to obtain a divorce, the waiting period in Florida is only 20 days after filing. This does not mean that your divorce will necessarily be finalized after 20 days, however, as few are. In most cases, there are many issues to settle that take longer than the 20-day waiting period.

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Divorces can be very complicated matters, and can become very complex depending on the circumstances of your marriage. Depending on your circumstances, A skilled divorce attorney can help you decide whether an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce is the best route for you. AnnMarie Jenkinson has a very client focused approach when handling divorces. She tailors her arguments and agreements based on the specifics of her client’s case. No two people are alike therefore each divorce should be handled with individual care and attention. If you need an aggressive, trusted Orlando divorce attorney to assist you in navigating though this difficult process, call us today for a free initial consultation. We invite you to schedule an appointment by phone at (321) 837-9547 or by e-mail through this website to discuss your needs, options, and legal rights as quickly as possible.

Jenkinson Legal has many satisfied clients throughout seven counties of Central Florida – Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Polk, Volusia, and Brevard. Here at the Florida Family Law office of Jenkinson Legal we have one simple objective: provide personalized, one on one attention to our clients’ legal worries so they can concentrate on life and family. Contact Jenkinson Legal today to learn more about our experience and success at (321) 837-9547. We are conveniently located in beautiful downtown Winter Park, Florida.

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