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It is our mission at Jenkinson Legal to exceed expectations by providing the highest quality legal representation and premier client service. We take the time to listen to our clients questions and concerns, and work with them to plan the best course of action for their particular situation. We make it a priority to cultivate and maintain a professional, yet pleasant relationship, and keep our clients well informed throughout the legal process. We take pride in the fact that over 90% of our clients are return clients, and people referred to us by those clients. Impeccable service may be a rare commodity today, but at Jenkinson Legal, it remains a standard.

Very Passionate

My wife and I have been working with Mrs. Jenkinson for the past 3 year and she have been sure a pleasure to work with.
Over the past 3 years of working with Mrs. Jenkinson I’ve had to gone to two hearings and she won both hearings. I started off my case with having every other weekend to then having my child took away from me by the mother without my permission, to now have full custody of my child with the help and skills of Mrs. Jenkinson. She is very passionate about her cases and has great communication skills. I would definitely refer her to anyone who want to WIN their case.

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Amazing representation by a highly qualified, knowledgeable, and aggressive Attorney!!

Attorney Jenkinson provided the best representation in my divorce case. She is incredibly knowledgeable, capable, professional, and ethical while still being aggressive and highly competent. I instantly felt comfortable with Attorney Jenkinson, her high level of expertise, experience, and professional and caring attitude and I knew instantly that she was the best choice. It was a pleasure being represented by Attorney Jenkinson and achieving my desired results with her guidance, support and efficiency. Hopefully I do not, but should I ever need representation once again I would not hesitate to hire Attorney Jenkinson.

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Excellent divorce family lawyer that works for you. She is very proffesional and aggresive that she intimidated the opposing councell and make her gave up. Thank you Ms. Anna Marrie. Also, she gave me a free case evaluation where she give you an outline of what to expect in each scenario and how to deal with it how long it takes and how much will cost. She is a family oriented lawyer where she treat you with respect and care as she does for her family. I recommend her.

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I am currently dealing with an ongoing paternity issue with my ex fiancé. After receiving a consultation (with a fairly hefty fee) from another attorney I was left feeling scared and pressured to file against my ex. I decided to get a second opinion and came across AnnMarie on Thumbtack. I called her contact number, after hours (8:30pm) and left a message. TEN MINUTES later AnnMarie returned my call and consulted with me free of charge for an hour. She was highly educated in regards to my needs and questions and offered sound information. She listened patiently as I addressed my concerns and had answers readily available to my questions. AnnMarie was able to state Florida statutes to back up the information she was giving. A night and day difference from my previous consultation! She put my mind at ease and advised me as best as possible (without being my retained representative) how to best proceed. Although I have decided not to pursue legal action at this time, should I ever need legal services in the future I will definitely hire her as my personal attorney. Her commitment to help me on her own personal time, without me being a current client speaks volumes about her dedication and commitment to help others. I would highly recommend consulting with her for any of your family legal needs. Thank you so much AnnMarie!


I hired Jenkinson Legal to represent me in two different cases. First being an injunction charge against me, from the soon to be Xwife that we beat and was dismissed by opposing counsel after AnnMarie spoke with them explaining what a weak case they had and we had more than enough evidence and witnesses to discredit all accusations. I didn’t even have to go to court for the dismissal she handled everything quickly and very professionally. I would definitely use Jenkinson Legal in any future situations such as this, thanks AnnMarie & fantastic work here!!! The second case which is still ongoing is my divorce case. Jenkinson Legal thus far has done a great job pushing this along as quickly and painless as possible. AnnMarie always makes it a priority to make herself available to address any of my questions or concerns. Even returning my calls after hours and even on the weekend. I feel confident that with AnnMarie hard work my divorce case will turn out just as good as the injunction case that she had dismissed… more to come here, thanks AnnMarie!!!


Highly Recommended!!

Annmarie Jenkinson is a great lawyer. Seen the beginning of my case she was very professional . When it was time to go to trial she was completely ready for it. She gives everything she got to win. I will recommend her and I will keep using her for any other case .

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Annmarie was extremely professional and knowledgeable. When the case first started Annmarie was with another firm. When it was evident that the law firm was useless I followed AnnMarie to her personal law firm. Although the case took a long time (due to the county and not AnnMarie) there was not one time where I didn’t feel confident in her ability to handle the case well. She was organized, thorough, and well-prepared for everything that was presented by the opposing counsel. Thanks to the expertise and professionalism of AnnMarie I have full custody of my children and can be a full-time father. The county procrastinated and changed my court date so many times that it took over two years. However it was worth the wait because I got everything that was put in the parenting plan and then some. To me her work is priceless and I definitely recommend her to anyone. She is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!


AnnMarie was great to work with. She walked me through every step of the way. She was available to answer all my questions. She made sure I understood what would be occuring through my divorce and that I was comfortable with process. She worked for my best interests and kept a reasonable perspective on everything. I feel very fortunate to have found her as an attorney. I have recommened and will continue to recommend her. Ethicial, Knoweldgable, and client driven lawyer


AnnMarie Jenkins made what is supposed to be one the toughest experiences in life into an easy mostly pain free experience. She handled the situation with compassion and knowledge letting us proceed as slowly or quickly as we desired. I didn’t enter into my marriage ever anticipating going through a divorce process. As me and my soon to be ex-wife grew up from our twenties we also grew apart. This is not something that I took lightly and AnnMarie understood that. As I came up with more and more questions and probably asked the same question three different ways she gave me answers both based on experience and reality of the situation. Upon making the final decision to separate she helped me negotiate with the other party and both come to a mutual decision on some minor contested issues. She also understood the importance of me retaining custody/possession of my two dogs and wrote that as a stipulation not just as property but at least a little more. It was a big deal for me but isn’t in the eyes of the courts. AnnMarie helped keep this severance of marriage civil enough that there is no bad blood between my soon to be ex and I. The paperwork was completed quickly and concisely and needed no alterations and we hammered everything out in the first few conversations. The filling proceeded quickly as well. She is to represent me in the hearing required by my county and I have full faith that will continue to run as smoothly as everything else.


When going through my divorce Annmarie was not only very professional but I could not have asked for a better lawyer. I have since retained her services a number of times for modifications and have once again been thoroughly pleased. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a lawyer.


Annmarie has been an amazing attorney for which I could not have asked for anyone better. She has handled my case with a tender heart and strong hand. She has taken complete and total control. She effectively shattered the negative effect that legal matters bring out in people and she has continued to handle my case with a strong standard of moral character. If you want a cut throat, unethical, no personality attorney then keep on looking. If you want an attorney that does the job right, and cares then stop looking because you have found your attorney. My family and my kids will be able to thank Annmarie for years to come. Thank you again.


My husband and I could not be happier with the outcome of our mediation with AnnMarie by our side. We got everything we asked for and more. We would DEFINITELY recommend AnnMarie for any legal issues you have. She met and exceeded all of our expectations!! We will use her services again should we encounter the need to do so.

John and Shannon

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